"100 Monkeys Diet"
That's just a little something we noticed at our concert in Frankfurt (Germany). We already noticed, we should have taken a drink and some food with us, on our way to the concert...
But we had no time, so we rushed to our Meet & Greet and joined the line afterwards. Inside, we bought a small coke (*cough* expensive *cough*) before the concert.

While the boys were on stage, we (of course!) didnt think about either food or drinks. After we bought some merchandise, we joined the line for the signing. We already noticed we really really really needed something to drink and eat, but we didnt want to waste money, so we waited till we reached the trainstation, where we (finally!) bought some fries & a drink at Mc Donalds. xD

It's (hopefully) quite easy to understand that you just forget about drinks & food while your at a concert

AND on top of that, we found out how you can FREE your inner beast (on a roadtrip)...


So just DANCE & SWEAT like there is no tomorrow!

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