What to do before and after a concert
Before the concerts - Packing your stuff:

(by the way, the order of the list is just like the things came to our mind)
  • NO sweaters!
  • Millions of glowing sticks
  • Presents (QUOTE: "We love presents!" (Jerad & Jackson)) - eg. whiskey, monkeys, drinking games, cigarettes, food, ligthers, more monkeys, cats (for Jay), styling gel (for Jerad's pink Mohawk), have we already mentioned monkeys? (They LOVE monkeys! ->
             (by @100MonkeysMusic)
  • Tooth brush & -paste
  • Fresh underwear (Jackson's socks, remember )
  • Money (merchandise, (not planned) train-tickets)
  • IDs (especially in the US!)
  • PJs
  • Clothes
  • A not too small handbag
  • Chocolate (remember, we've got something called blood sugar!)
  • Basic food & water (you never know where you're gonna end up)
  • Camera & loads of batteries!
  • Phone (don't forget to put credit on it!)
  • IPod (for journeys without any other Monkeys Junkies)
  • IPad (in case you're Jerad -> Internet )
  • MONKEYS!!!
  • Coffee! (or Pocket Coffee) (Starbucks is a lifesaver, trust us! )
  • Aspirin
  • Scarf (or two to give one to an ill bandmember)
  • Patience (due to train delays)
  • Baldrian (to calm down when you think you're not gonna make it to the concert (on time) -> remember our No-Goes: DON'T SCREAM! It scares other people on the platform)
  • Sweet for sore throats
  • Tolerance to lame fast-food-restaurants (these are the only ones that are still open after the concerts)
  • Stuff for signings (better bring more than one, just in case they want to keep it. Just saying )

After the concert:
  • Load the pictures on your laptop & better save them on a stick aswell
  • Try not to get the Monkey Blues (hopeless!)
  • Try to kidnap the boys (or at least one of them) -> ignore the No-Goes in that case! xD
  • Try to get on the tour bus -> again, ignore the No-Goes xD
  • Tell the boys to get back asap
  • get some sleep & decent food
  • try your best not to get back to stupid boring reality
In case none of it works, just smile and wave boys...
Uh, we meant just smile and think back to the amazing time with amazing people!

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