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We're two sisters from good old Bavaria, often believed to be twins. Which is quite annoying for Chrissy and quite funny for Dani, because Chrissy is 3 years older than Dani. Anyway, we met a lot of people (eg. hotel staff in London) who asked us if we were twins... Well we're not, but anyway... it's funny


"Hello, my name is Chrissy a.k.a. Crischlaaaa I found the 100 Monkeys through The Twilight Saga (as many others). After changing my favourite character from Edward to Jasper I entered the Monkey Madness World. My first concert I attended, was on the 30th of July 2010 in Vancouver. Amazing evening! No words! After that I went to a show in New York for my 20th birthday this May 2011. There I got to meet them all for the very first time. Wow! And when the boys announced that they are coming over to Europe I saved my last euros to get to as many shows as possible. In the end I was able to see the guys in Frankfurt, Straßbourg, Cologne, Amsterdam and Lille. The last stop was not planned and highly interesting thinking back of how I actually got there xD
All in all I'm incredibly happy to have found this band. There is no day without their music, it always puts a smile onto my face. Through the band I've found so many new amazing friends, my Monkey Junkies! I <3 you!
Thanks Jerad, Jackson, Ben x 2 and of course Uncle Larry! <3"


"Hiya, my name is Dani I also found the 100 Monkeys through (well, guess what xD) Twilight. After changing from Edward to Jasper (and now to Demetri xD), I found out about Jackson being in this awesome band called 100 Monkeys! When my sis went to her first concert (Vancouver), I was stuck in England (well I loved it there, but still...) where I spent a year to visit High School. And when she went to New York, I had to visit school in Germany... (my headteacher probably wouldnt have believed me that a trip to NY and meeting 100 Monkeys is family business...)
Well, on the 2nd of december 2011, I finally made it and went to their concert in Frankfurt. My sis & me also had a M&G with the boys and it was just epic *__*!
While I had to go back to boring school, my sis travelled to more concerts, but at least I have my great memories from Frankfurt! *__*
Now I listen to their music every day and Im glad I got to know so many nice people through their music!
So also a big Thanks from my side, Ben², Jerad, Jay & Uncle! "

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