News-News-News :D
monkeystwins on 07.05.2012 um 19:17 (UTC)

As I (Dani) am standing right in front of my finals, and Chrissy has a lot to do at uni, we didnt manage to update the News...

Buuut, you probably all know that Jackson, Jerad & Uncle were on stage with Vince LaBauve as "The Gentle Giants" and we can't wait for mooore! :D

Some links:

The Gentle Giants on Facebook

The Gentle Giants on Twitter

The Gentle Giants Streetteam on Facebook

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(IMPORTANT!) Website News
monkeystwins on 21.04.2012 um 19:05 (UTC)

It's been a tough year and we still have to think through everything and just realise it i guess...

Anyway, our website will keep supporting Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Lawrence Abrams, Ben Graupner & Ben Johnson!
Just to keep things simple to understand this means we'll post news about the new band "Pink Fuzzy Animals" AND solo projects (as Watchbox, or future songs performed by Jay).

We'll keep our name "MonkeysTwins" as - in our heart - 100 Monkeys will always be 100 Monkeys and we love their music! We hope the boys remain friends or (whatever has happened) will be friends again very soon!

All in all I hope the fans will get back together one day because we all still have one thing in common: Our love for 100 Monkeys (and 100 Monkeys will always be there!)


xoxo Dani

New Name
monkeystwins on 21.04.2012 um 18:58 (UTC)
 Right we all waited for the new and it is... "Pink Fuzzy Animals" ... *cough*

Well anyway, their new website is and you can follow their new twitter account here -!/pinkfuzyanimals .

We're not sure what to think about it yet, it's a cute name but will they be successful and ... believable with it?
We'll have to wait and see...


(Please also read the upcoming Website News!)

News from our Uncle
monkeystwins on 15.04.2012 um 17:17 (UTC)
 "World, the time has come that I share with all of our great and ever so wonderful people! Your Uncle One has moved on to new projects. And I am not sad, for as we all know. All good-bye are not gone. (smiles) Just making a way for some new music and such. So, my love ones, walk with me and my brothers. And always know how much I love each of you, and looking forward to seeing you real soon! That can bet on! Yours always and beyond, UL"

Well I guess it was only a question of time, but we say Thank You for the awesome time & we will keep supporting the band with no name, Jay, Jerad & Uncle!

Just.... News....
monkeystwins on 14.04.2012 um 09:10 (UTC)
 Right, I dont really know what to right.. I dont know a right title for it either...

But as we had LOADS going on, we have to update the News...

As you probably all know, 100 Monkeys wont be known as 100 Monkeys anymore. Due to Jay & his lawyers, they'll have to find a new name. We dont know the reasons and we wont make any assumptions here, we just hope that everyone will be fine in the future!

Todays Livestream was different than anything Ive heard from the boys before. At the beginning it was a bit shaky as Mat & Rob had to get used to it, but i think in the end it was okay. I just feel the ... hole now J² isnt on stage anymore... It's just not the same, i totally understand everyone who still LOVES the band, but I just miss the other two boys... It wont be the same and the new song Shooting Stars already sounded differnt (and when Im saying different, I dont mean it in a bad way, just different and ... yeah maybe a bit sad...)

We dont know what happened and we probably wont ever know for sure, but I just hope that all these discussions and yeah even all these stupid fights will STOP! Im sick of reading assumptions about Jackson and the bandname or Lani or anyone else! We dont know, we shouldnt know, we wont know! So we should just wait and believe that (maybe) one day we'll have a new, happy band. And they'll be friends again. Who knows, maybe they still are friends. Even the best friends argue sometimes.

So Love & Respect to everybody and please just stay patient and stop attacking each other... The band will be different and if you dont like them, or a special song, well so what! Then listen to the old songs and think about the awesome time we had! But please DON'T visit fangroups, just to post shit about the band and telling everyone the music sucks, coz that's just pathetic!


Well that's just what I think right now, I DONT want to offend anyone and if you think differently about that, I accept that. I dont judge anyone or tell them they're oppinion is rubbish, because everyone can think whatever he or she wants! If you dont like the new band, leave it. But stop moaning about it in front of fans, because the band is doing their best and it really isnt easy at the moment!




PS: Our website will still support all of the boys! The band with (for now) no name, Jerad & Jackson! We dont know what happened and I think all of them are awesome!

Website News
monkeystwins on 07.04.2012 um 10:01 (UTC)

We're hosting our first contest! It's called "Twilight-Cleanout" and you have the chance to win cards, posters and magazines (free choice!).

Go HERE for more details.



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