(Former) Members
Ben Graupner:
a.k.a. Captain Graupner

  • born on February the 7th 1985 in Dallas, Texas
  • has two brothers: an older one "Orson Brawl" Daniel & a younger one Neil
  • acted in Devolved, Intent, Daze, While you were away, Trapped in 5150, Girlfriend
  • attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, mastered in Theatre
  • Jackson and Ben were signed onto the same management company and lived together in LA
  • recorded songs when stuck in the traffic
  • Quotes:
"Friends become friends for some kind of magic reason”
  • favourite colour: blue
  • rocks the trumpet
  • responsible for millions of plane crashes after smoking and drinking too much in the cockpit

Ben Johnson:
a.k.a. Ben

  • born on May the 4th 1984 in Mt. Carroll, Illinois
  • loves his drums
  • met Jackson and Ben Graupner in 2006
  • needs to smile way more often
  • attended Interlochen Arts Academy with Jackson Rathbone, Ben Graupner, Spencer Bell, William Schmidt and Daniel Graupner
  • is a contained man, often seems to be the grown-up in the band (but we know better )
  • besides the 100 Monkeys he plays in the band The Stevedores & The Mechanical People
  • best friend with Spencer Bell, they shared a room in New York

Monroe Jackson Rathbone V:

a.k.a. J. Action, Jay

  • born on December the 14th 1984 in Singapore
  • green-eyed
  • colour-blind
  • 1.77 m in height
  • has three sisters, one younger, two older ones
  • moved around a lot, lived in Maydan & Jakarta (Indonesia), Norway, London (Great Britain), Midland (Texas), LA, Connecticut, Michigan, Toronto
  • "The Pickwick Players" in Texas was his start into the acting career
  • attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, majored in acting (Shakespeare!!)
  • loves hats
  • into all sorts of sports
  • DJ-ed at parties in his teenage years
  • moved to LA with 19
  • first job was a presenter in Disney 411
  • loves barbecue
  • considers Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to be a true classic
  • has a cat named Dean
  • named his guitar Annabelle (for him a decent southern name) and takes it & the harmonica with him everywhere
  • hid horror movies under his bed so that his parents didn't catch him watching "Freddy Krueger" etc.
  • famous through The Twilight Saga playing the blood-lusting vampire Jasper
  • different guest roles in series: Close to Home, Criminal Minds, O.C. California, The Cleaner, No Ordinary Family, Beautiful People, The War at Home, Aim High
  • Movies: Dread, Hurt, Pray for Morning, The Valley of Light, The Last Airbender, S. Darko, River's End, Big Stan, Senior Skip Day, Youtube Video Young Again, Daze, Girlfriend
  • Quotes:
1."I do a lot of photography, and some drawing. I try to join both things."

2."I use to sleep with all my cloth and take it to the next day. Also my hair hasn't been cleaned out for five years. No, not really. But it hasn't since long time ago."

3."I play the bass. Is really irritant. And also I play the accordion. Those two things are really irritant. And also I play the Ukulele, that is also irritant, but Spencer Bell was the one that taught me how to play the Ukulele, an incredible musician."

4."When I was younger, I broke my head three times - probably that explains why am I an artist".

5."I don't take much care of my car, as my dad has tell me a lot of times. I've been in some little accidents. Mi defense have fall down a pair of times. I put it back in it's place with adhesive tape for vehicles. This tape is impressive, by the way, but it maintains falling down, that makes that my car doesn't have any defense at all."
  • favourite music: Spencer Bell, Robert Johnson, The Stevedores, Kaiser Chiefs, Neil Young, David Bowie, The Kinks, Frank Sinatra
  • Hero: Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood
  • fan of Dallas Cowboys
  • counts Bob Dylan to his musical inspiration
  • favourite poet: T.S. Eliot
  • favourite artist: Andy Warhol
  • learned to play the guitar for the girls and for his role as Doody in "Grease"
  • loves South Park, Dexter & Mad Men
  • owns a production company: PatchMo Entertainment & a record company: Happy Jack Records
Jerad Anderson:
a.k.a. J.Rad, The Tower Boy

  • born on June the 4th 1981 in San Diego, California
  • acting roles in Girlfriend, Greek, Bratz: The Movie, 24, CSI Miami, ER, Bad Reputation
  • Quotes:
1. "We love presents!"

2. Jerad:  The Mohawk is a symbol of a multi-dimensional lifestyle where I can be a bad ass at the same time while being….
Jackson: A bad ass.
Jerad: …a bad ass…in two different dimensions
(source: www.

  • started playing the piano with 4 years
  • guitar and more instruments followed
  • met Jackson in LA and found his way into the band
  • a married monkey
  • also married to his I-Pad
  • loves dirty jokes
  • knows sign language due to a deaf roommate
  • often rocks a pink mohawk
  • creator of the world famous "Happy Dance"

M. Lawrence Abrams:
a.k.a. Uncle Larry

  • born on July the 5th 1953 in Chicago, Illinois
  • loves extravagant suits
  • is the only man on earth who can wear purple
  • a quiet man who loves his art
  • loves his bongos
  • turns "Invisible Monsters" into magic
  • met the rest of the band on the film-set of "Daze"
  • owns a studio in LA where the boys recorded their songs
  • knows what love is (found this out in Amsterdam )

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