Monkey Family
Lani Sarem

©Lani Sarem (Facebook)
  • is a magician as she can actually make the boys be where they are supposed to be AND on time
  • band's manager
  • born on November the 11th in Georgia     

a.k.a. William Schmidt

©William Schmidt (Twitter)

  • smooth like vanilla
  • "The Sound" rapper
  • also went to the Interlochen Arts Academy
  • born on March the 31st in Wisconsin

Daniel Graupner

©Daniel Graupner (Facebook)
  • Mr. Orson Brawl
  • born in Wisconsin
  • brother of Ben
  • is an amazing musician
Scott Coslett
a.k.a. The Scientist

  • born on December the 23rd 1976 in New Hampshire
  • involved in making and performing Hip Hop music since 1993
  • producer of "Grape"
  • knows everything about engineering
Marty Lawson

  • from Washington, District of Columbia
  • original The Bananger of the boys
  • went with them onto their roadtrips in America
  • likes eating cameras (have a little look at the 100 Monkeys DVD )
  • likes the band Sublime
  • favourite 100 Monkeys' lyric: "Could've been the one to save the world. But you let the world save you instead"
  • oves BBQ
  • dislikes cole slaw
  • Quotes:
Out of all the Monkeys who is the hardest to keep organized? - asked by Sarah
"Gus NEVER has his passport!"
  • loves running around in a banana suit
  • idol: The Rolling Stones
  • favourite improv: Little Black Book


  • world most famous dog of the Monkeys
  • his daddy is Scott

  • world most famous cat of the Monkeys
  • sometimes listens to Jackson as his daddy
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